Dear Prospective Renters:                                                                                                   

Thank you for your interest in our house on Great Duck Island, Maine.

Located on Great Duck Island, in the Gulf of Maine archipelago, we are 10 miles offshore, due  south of Northeast Harbor and Acadia National Park.  The island is 1 1/2miles long and 1/2 mile wide and contains 250 acres.  Our property consists of 5 acres on the northeast point. Our house is the only private home on the island. The rest of the island is a bird sanctuary owned by the Nature Conservancy, except for a small  piece at the southern end that has a light house, maintained by the Coast Guard, and an old lightkeeper’s house, sometimes used by College of the Atlantic bird researchers.  Although closed to the public,  renters have permission to explore the entire island.  

Great Duck Island is a blend of pointed fir forests, seaside meadows, wildflower and moss gardens, surrounded by popplestone beaches, granite cliffs and hedges of wild roses.  It is the nesting habitat for a large number of birds, including bald eagles, guillemots, eider ducks, petrels and seagulls.  There are also a large number of hares on the island which are often seen scurrying about. In order to protect  this wildlife, no dogs or cats are allowed on the island and renters must avoid nesting areas from May through August.

The island is a perfect place for couples or families seeking solitude and an experience of nature.  Naturalists, hikers, meditators, writers, photographers, painters and those wanting to live deliberately without  the distractions of modern life will love this place. The house and facilities will accomodate no more than four. We require that there be a minimum of two adults.

Our house sits on a point of land jutting into the ocean and is surrounded by water on three sides.  It is so close to the ocean that from inside the house one can see waves crashing and seals swimming along the shore.  Occasionally, one sees tall ships, porpoises and whales at a distance.  There are extraordinary views from every window--open ocean to the south and to the east, neighboring islands to the west, and to the north there are spectacular views of the only mountains on the Atlantic coast of North America.  Both sunsets and sunrises can be seen from inside the house, sunrises while lying in bed.  At night, one can see four lighthouses along the coast, moonrises over the ocean, and occasionally the Northern Lights.

The house is a two story, Victorian Gothic style cottage, with 1440 square feet of undivided interior space, steep roofs, 8 gables, and 2 small second-story decks.  It  comes completely furnished. There are no separate bedrooms. Beds are in alcove spaces on the first and second floors.  There are a queen-size bed, a double bed, and a fouton couch that folds open to a double bed.  Additional mattresses & cots  are also available. Blankets, pillows and sheets are provided, but not towels.

There is a white wicker furniture set that includes a couch, love seat, chaise, rocker, armchair and two coffee tables.  Also, there is a dining table with chairs on each floor.  The ample kitchen area contains  a gas stove (with 4 burners and an oven), and a gas refrigerator (13 cubic feet, including a 3.2 cubic foot freezer).  Several large ice chests or coolers are also available. Pots, pans, plates, silverware, paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, napkins and a stock of staples for cooking are provided.

For many years, because of our remote location, we did not have a supply of running water in the house.  Finally, we now have a well and have hot and cold running water in the  kitchen and bathroom along with a shower and flush toilet. 

Heat is from two Jøtul woodstoves, one on each floor  The doors of each woodstove are made of glass, allowing the fire to be visible.  A gasoline powered generator provides electricity for lighting after dark as well as for other electrical needs. The generator can be used to run a laptop computer, vacuum cleaner, ice-cream-maker, etc.  A radio, cassette tape, iPod and CD player,  DVD player, hammock, gas grill, children's games, puzzles, and a large library of books on island living are available for renters' use.  There is also a piano.

For communication and safety you must bring your cellular phone. There is excellent cellular reception on the island.  There is also a VHF Marine Band radio available for communicating with boats and getting weather and marine forecast information.

Boat transportation to the island is arranged by us through the Mount Desert Water Taxi, leaving from Southwest Harbor. The cost is $525 for the round trip which includes a helper to assist with the landing,  show you the house and help you carry your baggage.  The trip to the island takes about an hour to an hour, depending on the wind, weather and tides. On the way to Great Duck Island you can make a short side trip around Little Duck Island to see the large colony of Harbor and Great Grey seals living there.

The rent per week is $2,500, plus 7% Maine sales tax.  A  non-refundable deposit of half the rent needed to reserve the week you have chosen. Please send a check payable to Richard Borofsky at 86 Washington Avenue, Cambridge, MA  02140.  The balance due must be paid one month in advance along with a security deposit  of $300 that will be returned within 14 days after inspection of the house by the owners or the caretaker.  Renters are expected to leave the house as tidy as when they arrived.  No smoking is allowed. References may be required.

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us by phone (617-661-8221),  by  e-mail  (  If you decide that you would like to rent the house we will send detailed information to help you prepare for your stay on our remote island paradise.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Rich & Antra Borofsky

Great Duck Island House

Oceanfront Vacation Rental by Owner




Great Duck Island House

Great Duck Island, Maine

Waterfront Vacation Rental


Rate: $2500 per week

Sleeps: 4 maximum

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Rich & Antra Borofsky



From Southwest Harbor, ME arranged by us with

Mount Desert Water Taxi

($525 round trip cost not included in rental fee)

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